Strawberry Lime Mojito

As the summer approaches, my calendar is filling up with BBQs, brunch celebrations, backyard parties and everything else under the sun. For everyone else, this may be a normal thing but for me this means one thing - more chances to be inebriated and hang out with my friends. Since summers in Charlotte, North Carolina can be extremely hot and exhausting - over the years I've had to develop light drink recipes to save myself from rounds of shots and beers (sorry, beer just isn't really my thing). 

After making stuffed french toast with strawberries one morning, , I pondered ways to utilize the excess strawberries.  Then I remembered, fresh fruit is ALWAYS a great addition to a drink. I looked in my cabinet and perused through my fridge until I came up with the perfect ingredients for a mojito. The strawberries and mint perfectly fuse with the simple syrup to provide a great basis for any alcoholic drink. 

Wow your guests with this mojito recipe or keep it all to yourself - I won't judge. :)


Amber VaughanComment