Because food tastes better with a pinch of sōl.

Sōlful Series: Lasagna

Happy New Year Solmate!

As you know I am very big on creating savory dishes, made with sol. Over the holidays, I had a chance to sit down and talk with my family about what solfood means to them. There was an overarching consensus, solful cooking comes from the heart! My nana explained that in the days of slavery, many slaves could not read or write but that didn't stop them from being extraordinary in many crafts (including cooking). Since slaves could not read recipes, they relied on their sense of smell, taste and feel to create unfathomable meals. That's where the sol comes in. These home chefs cooked with their heart and sol. And the individuals that were lucky enough to grab a plate/bowl, experienced that solfulness in every bite. 

While enjoying the time with my loved ones, I got a brilliant idea. Why not create recipes that utilize and encourage that same solful cooking. Hence the start of the Solful Series!

In this series, recipes will include an ingredient/spice list but encourage my fellow foodies to experiment with their dishes. There will be no visible measurements and you'll have to rely on your sense of sōl to guide your meal (and I promise, it will not be as bad as you think). Once you're in the kitchen and you start to smell your meals as they come alive, you will not want to cook any other way!

Without further adieu, I present the first recipe in the Solful Series: Lasagne. Enjoy!